It’s not often you come across a place that truly speaks to you. I almost dont have words to express how this trip and this amazing place inspired me. I love the design of this place, the colors, right on the beach in a very remote place It was all the right things in the right place for me. Not to long ago I, for some reason had a fear of traveling to Mexico probably due to the news channels reporting on all the crime, but not for one second did I feel a bit of fear here. The people were so nice, I mean down to earth truly amazing people who really inspired me. The town it self of Todos Santos was small, unique old buildings cobble stone streets lots of art and culture. the people who lived here all mastering there art weather it was the amazing food, growing produce, hand-goods whatever it was they have to do life very different then we do. At one point, while having breakfast in town one day, we watched this young man probably around my age put together a table to display is hand made jewelry, we watched as this table was made out of the most random things he probably had lying around his house. Something so simple we take for granted here, getting a table. I loved opening my eyes to other wonders of this earth. The places and the people, I encourage anyone to travel, submerge your self in something other than what you know and I promise you will leave different. I loved the freedom this place spoke, less rules, wide open spaces, down to earth people, hard working people, appreciative of everything, untouched beaches for miles the most amazing sunsets Ive ever seen. The hotel it self built on piece of land in the middle of nowhere, designed straight out of my dreams no TVs no one around the place was silent, unlike other tourist traps with packed pools of people from the mid west. This place was different, this place was different in the most magical way and I hope by looking though these photos you can see and feel the meaning behind this place.


All photos taken on My Iphone xx

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October 9, 2018
Girl.. your photos are amazing!
    March 14, 2019
    Aw ow! than you so very much that means alot.