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I have been doing photography professionally for over 10 years now. Throughout the years I have spent time crafting my skill sets and learning to stay to true to who I am as a creative. My work has been published in many online publications such as

Free people

Urban outfitters

Rocky Mountain Brides

Junebug Weddings

Green Wedding Shoes

Martha Stewart Weddings

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I wish I could tell you the path to getting where I am in my career was easy, but it wasn't. I wish I could tell you I never made any mistakes but I have. Its more than job to me, its a lifestyle. It takes grit, dedication and passion to work and suceed in this industry

Truth be told I live for summers, crave the sun, travel is important to my soul. Ive been thrifting since the 90's I still remember the feeling of the first pair of vintage denim I scored, its like rush swifting through old things, peoples past lives and finding gems. Ive seen more live music than I care to admit- and live by Tom Petty's famous words - You belong somewhere you feel free. I am a obbssed dog mom, mother of twins and still searching for my person. Nature is my thinking space, I care deeply about humanity and real human connection .. dont we all ?


The real me

I live in Coeur' D Alene Idaho

moved here in the 90's from Chicago, Il

After high school, I moved to san diego where I lived for 16 years








Trust is such a important part of the process for both of us. I work better when I feel respected and trusted in my field

What does it mean to stay Authentic in this industry ? You dont always have to follow the trends, understand your visons, stay true to fine tuning your art with your vision and your voice

When you invest in letting me get to know the real you, the better we can create. Its Process of which energy

What I enjoy ?

Ive always been drawn to a life of adventure and chased my passions. Where are my fellow wanders at ?

Ive been snowboarding my whole life, its something we did as family for as long as I can remember. This is us now, 5 teenagers later between us all and ready to pass it down to the next generation of kids

Living in North Idaho, we are surrounded

by beauty. Never ending lakes and mountians and I go explore any chance I get.

Live music has always had my heart. Something about the way music make you feel ? then give me wide opens spaces, my friends and few beers

Ive been so fortunate to be able to travel for living at times. This photo sums up one of my most favorite magical places in Todos Santos Mexico

It’s all about the feeling you leave your clients with.

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